User Conference Videos

Videos for User Conferences

Your User Conferences, Summits, Forums, and Conventions need creative videos to have a lasting effect on your attendees.  Picturelab is your full service video production company for openers, previews, highlight and recap videos.  And partnering with our sister company, Transvideo, we also provide event coverage, keynote speakers, testimonials and interview videography.

Headquartered in Mountain View, at the heart of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, we understand technology and the importance of user conferences and summits in promoting your brand, creating buzz and leaving an indelible impact on your attendees.  We understand technology and your audience.  We understand what makes these videos exciting and memorable.

Our process includes everything from creative concepting to production to post production.  We have also turned these around fast.  For PagerDuty Summit, we had just two weeks to create a killer motion graphics opener, and we delivered!

Within the conference, we also work as videographers, conducting person-on-the street interviews, keynote as well as breakout presentations, and even shooting material for buzz reels.  We can also help with your audio visual needs as well as presentations themselves.  Our capabilities include live action videography, motion graphics, VFX, and on the fly, time-sensitive, fast-turnaround editing.


Our Event Services

In addition to larger conferences and summits, we also provide video services for smaller meetings, launches, networking events, tech talks and workshops.

Here’s a summary of the services we provide:
    •    Creative concepting and execution for User Conference event openers and teasers, both live action and animation.
    •    Post production for highlight and recap videos.
    •    Camera crews for event videography including panel discussions, keynote speakers, industry workshops and breakout sessions.
    •    Testimonials and interviews with event attendees.

We will work closely with your team to make each video customized to your brand and event.  We will work within your timeline, even on short notice.

To learn more about our process and capabilities, contact us!