What makes a commercial memorable?


The obvious high-level answer is that it needs to make you feel something, anything.  Humor, inspiration, thrill, joy....  It’s that emotional connection that brings people to your brand. 


Of course everyone can feel, but not everyone can create that thing that makes people feel.  That’s what separates the great artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, etc, from everyone else.  They have those magic qualities and know-how to elicit those emotions from you through their craft.


That’s why not just anyone with a video camera and editing software can create a commercial that is impactful and memorable.  Even corporate video production requires some knowledge of filmmaking to produce the right kind of emotion from your audience, whether it’s a room full of investors or a retail customer sitting at home.


That’s where Picturelab comes in.  We are more than just a corporate video production company.  We know the technology and science behind video production, but we are also artists.  Our team consists of AFI graduates, creative writers, MFAs, and directors and editors of fiction as well as corporate work.  We understand the craft from all angles.


Our team has been producing commercials for over a dozen years.  We have created successful ads for national and regional broadcasts, as well as on the web.  Some of our Internet commercials have had viral success.  Check out a few of our top commercials here.  We create marketing agency-level work without their high fees. 


What’s our process?


We discuss your product and goals.

We present several concepts to you.

We work together to develop the idea.

We shoot.

We edit.

We launch.

We celebrate.


Picturelab is an all-in-one production company that that takes complex subjects and makes them easy to understand.  And most importantly, we will help to turn your product or service into something that people can feel and remember.


That’s us.  We specialize in commercials.  Reach out today to learn more at, or our contact page.