Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer Testimonial - more than a talking head.

Picturelab and our sister company, Transvideo, have created hundreds of customer testimonial videos.  We have created successful videos that resulted in increased revenue and reach for our clients’ products and services.  Customer testimonials are powerful tools in connecting prospective clients with the brand experience.  These are visual reviews, but more than that, they are a means to create a personal connection through engaging narrative.


To this end, we understand the testimonial is not just another corporate marketing video.  It’s more than just a talking head interview in an office.  The customer testimonial needs to be engaging and visual.  It needs to have a level of production value to bring your services and products to life.  It needs to make your customers look good as well.  Most importantly, the customer testimonial video should be customized to each client and brand.


So, what is our process to make sure your testimonials are awesome?


1)  We get to know you…EVERYTHING about you.  Your brand, your message, your services, your products, your clients, your competitors, your offices.  This ensures that when we are sitting down with your clients, we bring out the impactful brand story that needs to be told.


2) We design the video with the client.  Testimonials are creative videos in many ways and we will work closely with our clients to ensure we’re on the same page on how it will look and flow.  We will check out reference material.  We will scout the location for the perfect places for interviews and b-roll.  We will discuss editing and graphics.  During this phase, we will have a strong understanding of how the video will eventually play.


3) We shoot the video.  This is also a collaborative phase.  We expect our clients to be on set, not only to approve certain aspects of the shoot, but also share ideas and feedback.  And Picturelab does more than just push record.  We also direct talent and conduct interviews. 


4) We edit the video.  From transcriptions to graphics to the final color correction and delivery, we’ll do it all.  And of course, we will work closely with our clients to ensure we’re on the same page as the video takes shape.


What brands have we worked with?


To name a few, we’ve produced customer testimonials for Google, PagerDuty, Facebook, Sift, New Relic, Figma, and Quip.


How much does a customer testimonial video cost?


Depending on the number of interviews, amount of b-roll, production value, and locations, it can range anywhere from $5000 to $30,000.

The best way to get a more accurate quote is to contact us at  Or use our contact page.