Picturelab Greatest Hits (first 10 years)

Picturelab_collage3 c.jpg

Picturelab's 10 year Anniversary

Here's the story of Picturelab.

Transvideo Studios was started in the early '80s and grew into the largest film/video production company in Silicon Valley with arguably the best sound stage between Skywalker Ranch and Hollywood.  Transvideo Studios did corporate video, duplication services and broadcast for all the tech companies in the Valley, big and small.  One of the biggest was Google, where Transvideo Studios ran the everyday video operations on campus.  Then came the crash of 2008 that abruptly brought almost all of that to a crashing halt.

With the emerging in-house talent and a new incentive to find new markets, within a couple of years, Picturelab was created to address the growing demand for design, animation, and creative.  Initially launched as "an agency alternative" Picturelab was an immediate hit, mostly to startups that didn't have budgets for the big-time agencies.

And so, as the projects rolled in Picturelab went to work: developing creative concepts, styleframing, writing scripts, designing, storyboarding, animating, casting, shooting, editing, and working our hearts out.

In 2017, Transvideo Studios became Picturelab: a place where we churn ideas into magic with a little wit, a lotta sweat, and occasionally some dancing.

This reel represents just a handful of many great projects and clients that we've had the privilege of working for in the last ten years.

We are so proud of the many great artists, actors, writers, producers and filmmakers who brought it all to life.