Demo Reel 2019

We are very excited to announce our 2019 Demo Reel!


Dancing techies, punked-out IT teams, guys parkouring to work…all in a year’s work for our team here at Picturelab.


So what have we accomplished?


Our projects in the last two years have included live action commercials and explainer videos.  As a full-service shop, Picturelab’s team of creatives and producers concepted, wrote, shot and edited all of the live action pieces on the reel.  We also produced and animated the motion graphics explainers and product demos.


As a Silicon Valley and San Francisco video production agency, we work with firms in all industries.  The reel includes tech, sales, insurance, health, service and crypto currency.  Check out our portfolio to see all of the different types of videos and industries we work with.


Looking forward to our portfolio in 2020….


We have worked on some very exciting projects this year…so far!  This includes AR concept videos that show how augmented reality can help our daily lives.  We are also working on some hilarious comedies including in the service industry, cyber security and sales tech. 


And of course, our usual lineup of corporate videos and communications, including some very exciting partnerships and firms doing cutting edge work in the field of technology.


Wait, what about animation?


Yes, we’re still heavily involved with motion graphics projects.  We have worked on animated explainers and product videos for PagerDuty, Citi, StoneShot, AspireIQ, and many others.  Animation continues to be a strong segment of our portfolio and excited to share them with you on our future reel.


From small videography projects to national commercials, we’ve done it all, and continue to service our clients in Mountain View, Silicon Valley and beyond.


For more information about how we can help with your creative content creation or corporate videos, give us a ring or contact us at